Customer FAQs

Payment/Loan servicing, UPDATED INFORMATION

If you have an active loan on or after 6/1/23, contact Access Financial Inc. for assistance at 310-826-4000 or


Due to issues caused by Covid-19 closures during 2020 and their effect on the economy, if you are experiencing a financial hardship, we encourage you to contact our staff to review your situation.  Where possible, our staff has been provided programs and direction on ways to assist you.

How do I update my contact information with Townsgate?

We encourage you to update your contact information whenever it changes (address or telephone numbers). Click here to submit your new information online.

How do I obtain information about my loan (loan #, amount due, next payment due, last payment posted, payoff amount, etc…)?

If you have already confirmed your current e-mail address with Townsgate, use this form to request information about your loan. If you have not set-up an e-mail address for your loan with Townsgate, please do so by calling our customer service representative (805-379-5130). We cannot release information about your loan via e-mail until you have set-up this service.

Can I request a due date change or payment deferral?

We do not change or modify your loan terms (due dates, payment term or amount). We do not defer loan payments to the end of the loan. If you have a financial problem and need to arrange for or obtain approval of a payment plan to address the financial problem, please contact our customer service representative for assistance.

I am selling my car. How can I have a buyer assume my loan?

We do not allow assumptions. We will provide a payoff quote and a reasonable time frame for your buyer to obtain alternative financing.

Will Townsgate Capital refinance a loan I have with them?

No. We do not re-negotiate loan term or rates for existing loans.

How did Townsgate obtain my loan?

Townsgate Capital purchases loan contracts for new and used automobiles, from a network of trusted dealerships. The dealer you purchased your car from is one of those trusted dealers.

I have lost my payment coupon book. How do I obtain a replacement book?

You may include a coupon book request with your next payment, contact us by telephone to request a replacement or submit an online request for a new coupon book.

How can I easily update my insurance information with Townsgate if my policy lapses or is cancelled?

Contact your agent or broker. They can send Townsgate the needed information. If you have a reinstatement notice and received a notice of cancellation from our office, please forward that notice to our office via Fax, email or mail.

I cannot afford to make the next auto loan payment, what do I do?

Contact Townsgate and provide us information on your situation and when you will be able to resolve the delinquency.

I cannot afford to pay both my insurance premium and car payment. What should I do?

Townsgate requires that you maintain insurance for the collateral at all times. If your insurance lapses and your payments are delinquent, we may seek recovery of the collateral. This is a serious matter. If you pay the insurance premium and provide a reasonable payment plan for the payment arrears we often place collection efforts on hold while the arrears are satisfied.

How does a simple interest loan work?

Interest is charged on a daily basis at the Annual Percentage Rate on the unpaid portion of the amount financed (Principle Balance).

What is APR vs Interest Rate?

An interest rate refers to the annual cost of borrowing the principal loan amount. APR is the total annual cost of a loan to a borrower, including the interest rate as well as fees and other charges that may be associated with your loan.

How can I trade-in or pay off my loan?

If you plan to trade in your vehicle or pay off your loan, please contact us to get your ’10-day payoff’ and ‘per diem’ rate. The 10-day payoff will be the dollar amount necessary to pay off your loan 10 days from the date you make the request. The per diem dollar amount will represent the dollar amount added to your payoff on a daily basis. With this information you can accurately secure the funds necessary to pay off the loan or negotiate the purchase of your replacement auto. If you trade-in your vehicle as part of a new purchase, you will sign paperwork authorizing the dealer to pay off your loan on your behalf. That paperwork does not release you from responsibility to pay off your loan, so we recommend that you follow up after your purchase to confirm that we receive the loan payoff in a timely manner.